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Coaching & Consulting

The WBA is proud to share an alliance with Small Business Growth Partners, a Milwaukee-based national business coaching and consulting company with an extensive background in helping small business owners focus their time to work "on" their business rather than just "in" their business.

Members can receive complimentary business assessment services every year (a $2,200 value), as well as the opportunity to partner with this exclusive firm that does not offer services to the general public!


Who is Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP)?

SBGP is a Wisconsin-based, national and private small business growth firm.  They specialize in working with state home building associations, and focus on helping grow builders, remodelers, and HBA associate members.  They also operate as business owner "talent scouts," and through their BPA creation process, only offer a small percentage of BPA recipients' candidacy to one of their mentorship programs. They are a member of the WBA through Metropolitan Builders Association, and revenue share with the WBA--their services are not available to the general public!

What Makes SBGP Different?

SBGP is the largest, private small business coaching firm in the U.S., which carries tremendous benefits for members and clients. Not only does it give them the ability to hire industry-specific coaches who work together in pods (all coaches are also full-time employees who only coach), but it additionally gives them the ability to create an extremely detailed plan of action--available to ALL members--called the BPA. You can also check out what makes SBGP stand out here.

What is a BPA?

BPA stands for Business Diagnostic and Plan of Actions, and is a 12-month business "Plan of Actions" for you and your company, broken down by the disciplines of business: sales, marketing, processes & systems, team & people, actions & accountability, financial tracking, and planning. Through this member benefit, you also will receive a full DISC/Motivational profile on yourself and up to 6 key team members (an HBA member favorite). The deliverable is a highly researched and actionable 30+ page "road map" for you and your business. The BPA will also be fully explained to you in a 1.5 hour BPA outbrief with two executive coaches.

Who Will Benefit Most from a BPA?

  • You are considering succession planning

  • You have hit a growth ceiling, where lack of systems is starting to show in your company with mistakes and miscommunication (internally, and with customers & prospects)

  • You aren't clear on a strategic direction for your company (nor are your employees)

  • You can't seem to find the right people, and are having team cohesion issues

  • You get a lot of calls, but not many turn into sales

  • You are generating great sales, but the profit is not there at the end of the month

  • You are trying to drive the business forward, but keep getting pulled back into the daily operations, and still act as the chief "firefighter" and problem solver

  • You are becoming burnt out, working more and seeming to accomplish less


David Belman, WBA Past President 2017

"In late 2016, my partners and I took advantage of our WBA Member Benefit of a private BPA from Small Business Growth Partners. I honestly didn't know what to expect when agreeing to have my BPA created, and it exceeded my expectations in every way possible - from their detailed process, to the professional manner in which they delivered and presented our BPA. It was truly spot-on and gave us a new vision of what our business could be, and the results we have experienced speak for themselves. If you are serious about wanting to grow your business, take advantage of this member benefit; this is not something you can pass up." - Joe Greenspan, Steeple Pointe Homes, MBA

"The WBA is proud to have been chosen to be a partner of Small Business Growth Partners. We have thoroughly vetted SBGP and we have seen the outstanding results they've achieved for our members. This alone proves the value and effectiveness of their no-cost BPA as an exclusive WBA member benefit. I encourage all WBA members to get started right away in applying for the BPA Program." - Brad Boycks, Executive Director, WBA

“What an insightful and valuable experience! The evaluations and guiding tools Chris, Terry, and the team apply and share with small business owners like us are incredible. Having received the diagnostics and plan for our own business, we feel encouraged and equipped for the future! Thank you SBGP!” - Chad White, The Eau Claire Design Group, CVHBA 

“SGBP has help us to get our processes and procedures organized, and helped me with strategic thinking. They have helped me to develop a leadership team of key employees who drive my organization forward. I am happier and making more money thanks to the changes I've implemented during my SGBP coaching.” - Abe Degnan, Degnan Design/Build, MABA

“Small Business Growth Partners has become an extremely high valued Team Member of our organization in a very short amount of time. They have helped get us on our journey of our dream we have had for years. Within the first three months we have seen such a positive drastic change and return on our investment!” - Lucas Becks, Becks Quality Cabinets, BCHBA

What Does it Cost?

The BPA has a hard cost of $2,200, but for WBA members it is part of your member benefits that you are eligible to receive once a year. All they ask from you is 5 hours of your time spread out over 10-14 days. If you are eligible to enter into one of their mentorship programs, further costs will be discussed from there.

How Do I Get Started?

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