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Housing Wins

Along with our members, we work to improve housing in Wisconsin. In the past five years, we have succeeded in:

  • Reducing the exposure period for a claim resulting from a building or remodeling project from 10 years to 7

  • Streamlining process for housing development in areas that contain wetlands

  • Raising the bar for passing automatic sprinkler requirements in homes, ensuring that all sides of the issue must be explored before adding additional regulations

  • Eliminating the acre conversion fee on former agricultural land

  • Addressing park fees in state statutes as an impact fee only and not in multiple places

And that's just the start. With the help of thousands of industry professionals throughout the state, we work to shape policies at the state level, ensuring safe, affordable, and accessible housing is available to all Wisconsinites.

The Wisconsin Builders Association works to improve housing in Wisconsin.

Latest wins

The 2017-2018 Wisconsin Legislative session just ended. Here's what we made out: 

  • Reduction of the exposure period for a claim resulting from a building or remodeling project from 10 years to 7

  • Streamlined process for housing development in areas that contain wetlands

  • More clarification and flexibility for developers using bonds for infrastructure that is paid for by the developer and dedicated to a municipality

  • Prohibition of a developer's agreement mandating building codes that exceed the statewide uniform standards of the Uniform Dwelling Code

  • One- and two-family electrical code moved to 6 year review

  • Application and approval process for conditional use permits streamlined

  • Greater housing affordability for multifamily residents by following state law on sprinkler requirements

  • Elimination of forestry mill tax resulting in a property tax cut for homeowners

  • Elimination of personal property tax

  • State statutes to create a "Wisconsin REScheck" software for one- and two-family dwelling code compliance

  • Administrative rules dealing with building codes can now be stopped by the legislature for any reason; it was previously difficult to stop a rule once introduced

Legislative session recaps

Summaries of the past two legislative sessions.


  • Prohibition of automatic fire sprinklers in one- and two-family dwellings by administrative rule change

  • An additional property tax cut for Wisconsin homeowners

  • Statewide uniform standards for shoreland zoning

  • Timelines for the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC)

  • Waiver to building code for certain religious sects

  • Federalizing the lead paint standard

  • Current historic tax credit retained

  • Prohibition on local builder requirements that are above what state law currently requires

  • Electronic process reform for submitting one and two family building permits

  • Additional property rights for landowners (wetland reforms, new definition of "ASNRI", statewide uniformity), giving them greater flexibility to build and remodel on land they own


  • Eliminating Building Contractor Registration (BCR)

  • Freezing Property Taxes

  • Cutting $650 million in income taxes and $100 million in property taxes

  • Creating an additional historical tax credit for rehabilitation of historic structures

  • Creating more uniform stormwater management standards

  • Enacting 6 year review of the Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC), allowing for changes that save time and money while still assuring safe and affordable housin

  • Passing the "Stormchaser" bill to protect Wisconsin homeowners

  • Changing shoreland zoning after annexation

  • Creating a more uniform commercial building code

  • Reforming surety performance bonds for developers

  • Defeating bills that sought to reduce the uniformity of the UDC and change the gubernatorial appointment of the DNR Secretary

  • Modernizing DATCP 110, the administrative rule regulating Wisconsin remodelers

  • Streamlining wall bracing code for one- and two-family homes via a subcommittee of WBA members

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