Invest in good government! Here are our top 5 recommendations for how you can support pro-housing public officials in Wisconsin and on the national stage.



Invest in good government! Here are our top 5 recommendations for how you can support pro-housing public officials.

1. Donate to the Builders Direct Fund Conduit

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The Builders Direct Fund is the Wisconsin Builders Association conduit fund.  That begs the next question, what is a conduit?  A conduit is defined by the Government Accountability Board as "an individual or organization that receives money from individuals, deposits it in a financial institution, and then transfers contributions to any registrant (candidate, personal, legislative political action or political party committee) selected by the original contributor.  The conduit organization or administrator may not exercise any discretion over the amount or ultimate recipient of these contributions.”

Put more simply, WBA’s conduit, the Builders Direct Fund (BDF), allows those who actively give to candidates running for state or local office an opportunity to also give their local and state association a roll in their personal contributions.

Example: You receive a fundraising letter from a candidate running for State Assembly who you support.  Instead of sending a personal check directly to the candidate, you can send a check to the Builders Direct Fund or go online to Builders Direct Fund and direct those dollars to the candidate of your choice.  By first sending your contribution to the Builders Direct Fund you allow your local association to reach its fundraising goal that year, WBA to receive recognition from the candidate, and you still receive credit for your personal contribution.

Please note:
Funds must come from individual and not corporate sources, and a minimum donation of $100 is required. Be sure to specify the recipient of the donation. Funds from the Builders Direct Fund can only go to candidates running for office on the state and local levels, not candidates running for President, U.S. Senate, or U.S. House of Representatives. For more information, consult Builders Direct Fund & Building a Better Wisconsin Terms & Conditions


2. Donate to Building a Better Wisconsin PAC


Building a Better Wisconsin (BBW) is WBA's political action committee, most commonly referred to as a PAC. It consists of WBA members from across the state combining their resources to support pro-housing, pro-business candidates running for office in Wisconsin.

PAC contribution decisions are made by reviewing the candidates' positions and voting records on housing and WBA priority issues. Decisions are bi-partisan. 

The Importance of Building a Better WI PAC:

  • The overall objective is to elect pro-housing candidates.

  • Our political action funds are necessary because today's campaigns require large amounts of money in order to achieve victory on Election Day. We must participate to be recognized as a political force before candidates are elected, which helps our credibility when we discuss issues important to us afterward.

  • An essential part of the WBA is showing our collective statewide support for housing issues at the capitol, and our political giving allows us to stand behind our legislative priorities.

Note that funds given must come from an individual and not corporate sources. For more information, consult Builders Direct Fund & Building a Better Wisconsin Terms & Conditions.


3. Donate to the Building Industry Council

BIC is a separate legal entity, but affiliated with WBA, and established under Section 501 (c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. 


BIC works to keep Wisconsin’s economy strong through its public education and advocacy efforts.  BIC also participates in legal efforts at all levels to advance important public policy issues affecting jobs and Wisconsin’s economy.

BIC's Goals:

  • To promote, develop, define, and encourage distribution of information about Wisconsin’s economic climate and the importance of job creation to the general public of Wisconsin.

  • To foster, encourage, and coordinate the development of public policy that will lead to greater economic opportunity and a higher quality of life for Wisconsin’s citizens.

  • To engage in activities that facilitate public education on issues that better the community as a whole.

For information on how to give to BIC, contact Brad Boycks, by email or at (608) 242-5151 ext. 16. BIC accepts corporate checks or personal contributions.


4. Attend Political Fundraisers

For the latest curated list of upcoming state-level political fundraisers in Wisconsin, click here.


5. Donate to NAHB Build-PAC


Elections matter. That's why it's important for NAHB members to be engaged in the political process.

Contributing to NAHB BUILD-PAC is one of the best ways to be engaged and shape political outcomes. BUILD-PAC, NAHB’s bipartisan political arm, helps elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates to federal office.

More than 100 NAHB members serve on the BUILD-PAC Board of Trustees, the body that decides which candidates receive support. Only NAHB members may be solicited to contribute to BUILD-PAC, and there are varying giving levels from which they may choose.

To find out more about NAHB BUILD-PAC, click here.

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