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Corporate Sponsorships

The Wisconsin Builders Association and its charitable arm, The Wisconsin Builders Foundation, provide a variety of corporate sponsorships to businesses interested in showing their commitment in a big way to the future of the housing industry in Wisconsin. Sponsorships cover the WBA and WB Foundation's advocacy efforts, builder education outreach, member services, and professional development needs. They range in cost to fit any budget, and cover one year of sponsorship unless otherwise indicated.

2019 offerings are below. If you're interested in learning more about corporate sponsorships, please fill out the form below to arrange a meeting with the WBA Executive Director.



Development Sponsorship: Support development in Wisconsin. Your sponsorship includes unique access to WBA staff and members.

Generously funded by the American Transmission Company.


Builders’ Voice Sponsorship:  Power The Blueprint, the WBA’s official advocacy series.  The Blueprint is emailed to our entire membership on a bimonthly basis.  Sponsorship includes recognition of your organization in every issue of The Blueprint. 


NAHB Conference Sponsorship:  Sponsor our WBA state representative at the national level, not only giving Wisconsin a voice in Washington, D.C., but also assisting in the direction of the building industry and governmental directives.  You will have access to a members-only exclusive report from the state representative after each conference.

Builder Education

$2000 x2

WB Foundation Scholarship Sponsorship:  Participate in offering financial support to our future residential builders.  Your sponsorship will go into the Foundation’s Education and Safety Fund as a charitable donation, and will ensure the continuation of the scholarship program.  The Foundation awards a match to the top 4 statewide recipients of our local associations’ scholarship programs. At the midyear Board of Directors meeting, you will have the opportunity to present a check to a deserving recipient. Two spaces available.

$500 x 4

WB Foundation Webpage Sponsorship: Be listed with a hyperlink on the WB Foundation webpage and in other printed Foundation materials as a proud corporate sponsor. Four spaces available.

$250 x 3

WB Foundation Trustee Meetings Sponsorship:  Be part of promoting and supporting the future builders of Wisconsin with this sponsorship. Three times a year, the Foundation Trustees come together to set the direction, ensure resources, and provide oversight to the WB Foundation.  As a sponsor, you have an open door to these meetings.  Participation is not required but encouraged. Up to three meeting sponsorships available per year; maximum of one company per meeting per year.

Member Services


Member Meeting Days Sponsorship: Support the WBA's all-member meetings.  These meeting days consist of special sessions, including an Advocacy Group break-out, a Membership and Local Officers Group break-out, and a Board of Directors meeting. Your sponsorship includes recognition on all promotional materials. 

Generously funded by Axley.


Quarterly E-Newsletter Sponsorship: Help distribute the quarterly WBA e-newsletter, packed full of association news, member services, and more. Sponsors of this category will have an opportunity to provide an article for the e-newsletter, along with a link to your company webpage. 


New Member Packet Sponsorship: Make a first impression by sponsoring WBA-branded new member packet mailers. Each month, all new association members are sent a welcome packet from the WBA that includes information on WBA and NAHB benefits along with a small gift.  Sponsorship will allow you to provide a one page flyer in this packet that can promote your business or a specific product. Cost subject to increase depending on whether printed materials are provided/weight of printed materials. 


Social Media Sponsorship: One post per month on WBA’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) promoting original content regarding the housing industry from your (i.e. blog post or article). Content subject to prior approval.

$750 x 4

WBA Website Sponsorship: Display your organization’s commitment to Protecting the American Dream with a “Proud Corporate Sponsor” hyperlinked logo placement in the footer of the WBA website. Four spaces available.

$500 & up

Guest Blog Sponsorship: Provide original content to WBA members and others across the Wisconsin housing industry as a guest blogger on our website. Blog topics, content, and scheduling subject to prior approval. Available at $500 for a one-time post or as a bimonthly opportunity for 1 year at $2,500 ($500 savings). Up to six spaces available total.

$250 x 3

Executive Committee Meetings Sponsorship:  Provide your organization with a platform to speak to key influencers in the WBA. The Executive Committee is at the core of the association, setting its direction and goals.  Sponsorship gives you an exclusive 15-minute slot on the agenda to address the Executive Committee on a predetermined relevant topic.  The Committee meets three times a year and accepts one sponsor per meeting; maximum of one meeting per company per year.

Professional Development


Executive Officers Summit Sponsorship: Provide leadership development opportunities with your sponsorship of the yearly Executive Officers Summit. This conference is crucial to the success of our local associations, and ensures they are getting the training and assistance needed to continue their work supporting our members and the building industry. Sponsors of this event will receive name recognition in all promotional materials, and be given an opportunity to address all attendees during dinner. 

$750 x 2

Guest Speaker at Membership & Local Officers Group Meetings: Provide a 15-30 minute presentation on best practices and industry advice to the WBA membership & local officers group. Presentations subject to prior approval. Two meeting sponsorships available per year; maximum of one meeting per company per year.


Executive Officers Summit Lunch Sponsorship: Provide lunch at Executive Officers summit. Sponsors of this event will receive name recognition in all promotional materials. 


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