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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your membership, WBA events, etcetera? We have answers. 

Frequently asked questions about membership.

Where can I find the packet for Member Meeting Day?

Packets for Member Meeting Day are available for download under Members Only/Governance Resources/Member Meeting Day Packets, or by clicking here. Materials distributed/presented at past meetings (powerpoints, other handouts) can be found under Members Only/Governance Resources/Past Materials Library, or by clicking here.

When does registration open for Member Meeting Day?

Per WBA bylaws, registration opens approximately 2 weeks before the date of the Member Meeting Day, and closes the Friday before the event. This gives staff enough time to prepare all the documentation (agendas, minutes, financials) for the packet that is available for download at the time of registration. Please register if you plan to attend, especially for our in-person meetings, as this assists with our lunch count. Click here for our events calendar.

How can I check my Builders Direct Fund balance?

Please contact Director of Operations Joan Olson (jolson@wisbuild.org) to inquire about your Builders Direct Fund conduit balance. Click here for more information on the conduit.

How do I update my contact information/change the member of record?

Memberships in the 3-in-1 system (local, state, and national) are based on the individual, NOT the company. If you wish to update your contact information or change the member of record, please contact your local association - that way it ensures that every step of the ladder receives the proper information!

How do I set up a login for NAHB?

The WBA login is separate from the NAHB login or any local association login. If you have not yet set up a login for NAHB, you can do so by clicking here. (You will need your member PIN. Contact us or your local association if you do not know it.)

How do I check my DC status?

You can check your current dwelling contractor credential status by visiting the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services website. Click here to access the license lookup search - you can either select "trade credential/license search" from the dropdown and search by the credential ID, or you the "trades credential/license advanced search" to search by zip code/last name/business name. 

Why am I not receiving WBA emails?

All WBA members should receive weekly emails from the WBA. If you are not receiving emails, first make sure they are not being delivered to your spam folder, and add "wbanews@wisbuild.org" to your address book. If you still do not receive emails, please contact us.

I am a regional and/or statewide company and want to join additional local associations - what does this look like?

Members interested in joining additional local associations should reach out to each local they are interested in joining individually.  Please note that at this time each local charges the local, state, and national fees (e.g. as a member of 3 locals, you pay 3 local fees, 3 WBA state fees, and 3 NAHB national fees annually).  Those who have multiple memberships are seen as major supporters of statewide and national efforts with their additional financial commitment to those organizations. 

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