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Industry Quality Standards

The Wisconsin Builders Association has put together a manual of construction industry quality standards.  The purpose of this manual is to provide a standard level of building in Wisconsin.



 The purpose of this manual is to provide a standard level of building in Wisconsin. The guidelines are intended for use as a reference and should be interpreted with common sense. They should be applied only within the scope of the particular project being performed, and are not intended to answer all questions pertaining to quality of construction that might arise in the course of a typical residential construction project. The guidelines selected for this manual deal with those issues that most frequently give rise to questions for the builder and homeowner. Although many contractors routinely build to higher standards, this is a collection of minimum performance criteria and should be interpreted as such.

The totally perfect home cannot be built by any builder. The wide range of materials used in a new home is subject to some degree of imperfection through handling and installation. Minor scratches, dents or other imperfections in construction materials will occur and are unavoidable. Variations in wood finishes caused by natural variations in wood surfaces will occur. Natural variations in wood are not controllable. Minor and hard to see nicks, scratches, cuts, blemishes, color and finishing variations are normal.

There are many items that are homeowner maintenance responsibilities. A homeowner should become educated on these responsibilities.

Items such as scratches, nicks, chips, gouges, etc. must be reported to the builder in writing prior to occupancy, or will become homeowner’s responsibility.

These quality standards are applicable based on the terms specified in the contract. Consequential damages are not the responsibility of the builder.

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