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Member Rebate Program

Builder and remodeler members are eligible to receive cash back on materials, appliances, and more used in their construction projects through HBA Rebate's WBA Member Rebate Program. Over 50 manufacturers participate, offering the same rebates that "Top-5" builders would receive, and no receipts are needed!

Program participants earn back approximately $1,366 per quarter!


Why Participate?

The WBA Member Rebate Program sends participating builder and remodeler members quarterly rebate checks just for remaining loyal to the leading manufacturers they already use in their homes, remodels, or multi-family units. Approximately 70% of the builders & remodelers who participated last year nationwide made MORE back in rebates than they spent on dues! The average rebate per builder/remodeler per quarter in 2018 was $1,366!

What Manufacturers Participate?

50+ leading manufacturers currently participate in the program, and this list is occasionally updated.  You can see the current participants here. HBA Rebates connects home builders associations across the country to secure rebates as large as those "Top-5" builders receive, meaning your savings are maximized no matter what your volume!  

How Do I Participate?

  • REGISTER - To start receiving your rebate, please register (tell us where to mail the check). If you've already registered, there's no need to re-register!

  • CALENDAR & DEADLINE - View the calendar to determine what you can claim for and when the deadline is to submit

  • CLAIM - Every quarter, complete and submit a rebate claim program if you have completed a home, remodeling project, or multi-family unit that used any of our participating manufacturer. NO receipts are necessary as the program utilizes manufacturer salespersons to verify purchases! You can submit your claim in writing, through an excel form, or online.

  • CLAIMS PROCESS - Once your claim has been submitted, view this information on when to expect your remittance statement and rebate check

  • CONTACT US - Program staff is available to answer any of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I use all manufacturers in order to receive rebate? No. However, the more manufacturers in our program that are used, the larger your rebate check will be.

What if my subcontractors buy supplies? The manufacturers are rewarding loyalty with these rebates. If you are specifying the product to your subcontractors, then you are affecting the sale and qualify for the rebate.

Do I need to save my receipts? No receipts are necessary to process your rebate claim. Instead of receipts, we use the manufacturers' salespeople in your area to confirm that their products were used.

How can I find out the particular rebate amounts being offered by participating manufacturers? Rebate amounts cannot be disclosed to the public. However, you can contact Member Rebate Program staff for an average based on what you're using.

Why are the addresses of completed projects needed? This information is needed due to federal law, in the event a manufacturer is audited. Please note that this information will NEVER be sold.

Is this program available for associate members/subcontractors? At this time, the Member Rebate Program is available only for builder & remodeler members. HBA Rebates does offer registration to their associate directory.


"When I found out about the Member rebate Program in a WBA email, I registered immediately. It was a very simple process that took less than 5 minutes. To me, it was a no-brainer looking at the companies and products that are eligible for the program--most of them are what we use on a regular basis." - Scott Puyleart, Puyleart Brothers Construction, Brown County HBA

"It is great to get another benefit on the products that we already use and trust. This pays for my local HBA membership and then some. If I had known how easy it was to obtain, I would have started long ago." - Pam Jewell, Blenker Construction, Golden Sands HBA

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