3 Ways Students Can Learn to Become Involved in Construction Trades

Discover how the WB Foundation is paving the way for a successful next generation of Wisconsin home builders

A Wisconsin student can learn how to become involved in construction trades through WB Foundation scholarships, student-built projects, and member apprenticeships.

As the housing market recovers, Wisconsin has noted a shortage of labor in the construction trades. To keep the home building industry strong across the state, the Wisconsin Builders Foundation (WB Foundation) has focused much of its mission on helping students learn how to become involved in construction trades. Not only does exposure to the home building industry prepare young people for a family-supporting career, avoid education debt, and gain valuable work experience, but it also helps promote the American Dream of homeownership right here in the state of Wisconsin.

Here are three ways the WB Foundation, local builders associations, and the state are paving the way for the next generation of students who want to work in the home building construction trades:

  1. Scholarships

  2. Student-built programs

  3. Member apprenticeships, career fairs, and job shadowing

1. Scholarships

The WB Foundation is pleased to offer a variety of scholarships to students who are either enrolled in or plan to attend a course of study in the building trades after graduating from high school. In July 2018, we awarded $5,100 in scholarships to seven students pursuing the construction trades at our charity golf outing in Wisconsin Dells.  

Do you know a Wisconsin student who wants to become involved in the home building industry? Encourage them to apply for the Wisconsin Builders Foundation Scholarship or Wisconsin Builders Foundation Matching Grant Scholarship! The application period will open February 1st, 2019.

2. Student-built projects

Many local builders associations have created “student-built” projects for high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in construction trades. These projects allow aspiring Wisconsin home builders to shadow craftspeople on job sites and learn how to use hand tools and building materials before they begin their trades education.  

Some associations even host high school contests for students during their annual home shows that can involve building anything from a dog house to an Adirondack chair.

3. Member apprenticeships, career fairs, and job shadowing

Several members of the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) participate in career fairs and offer job shadowing opportunities for students who wish to enter the trades. Some companies also participate in apprenticeship programs that help future builders gain hands-on learning experience as they help make dreams come true for Wisconsin homebuyers.

If you’re a young, aspiring construction tradesperson, take advantage of these opportunities to learn how you can become involved by contacting the builders association in your area. Many local associations also offer additional scholarship programs and resources that can inspire your bright future in the home building industry.

Other ways you can get involved in the construction trades include volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity, asking your school counselor about Pathways Wisconsin Construction, signing up for Career Cruising and Inspire Wisconsin, or by checking out information from Skills USA – Wisconsin Chapter.

To learn more about how we’re helping to keep the Wisconsin home building industry strong, contact us today.

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