The Blueprint: Last Call for Advocacy Day

ALSO: Gov. Evers to Introduce First State Budget • Two Viewpoints on Closing the Dark Store Loophole • From NAHB: Problem Solvers Caucus Seeks Bipartisan Housing Solutions

Last Call for Advocacy Day

Republican Attorney General Association Has Schimel Up 3

One week from today members from across the state will be traveling to Madison for our annual Advocacy Day.  If you still have not registered, is not too late! Please click here to sign up to attend this event and lobby members of the state senate and state assembly on issues important to keep the cost of housing down for Wisconsin families…

Gov. Evers to Introduce First State Budget

This Thursday, Governor Evers will be speaking to members of the Wisconsin Legislature to formally introduce his first two-year state budget since being elected in November 2018. Over the past few weeks, details of items that are likely to be included in his budget have been slowly released…

Two Viewpoints: Closing the “Dark Store Loophole”

During the February 8 meeting of the Advocacy Group, one topic that was discussed was the issue of closing the “Dark Store Loophole” and whether this is an issue that WBA should support this legislative session. This exact topic was discussed during our meeting to start the last 2017/18 session. Ultimately the decision was made to monitor the issue, but WBA never formally took a position on the topic last session…

Dark Store Reform Needed to Protect Residential Property Taxpayers

By: Jerry Deschane, Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Imagine buying an income property without any idea of the property’s actual ability to generate income or applying for financing on a property but being told the bank will only consider as comparable properties that are vacant in declining neighborhoods. Ridiculous?…

Correcting the Record on the so-called “Dark Stores Loophole”

By: Cory Fish, Director of Tax, Transportation, and Legal Affairs for the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce (WMC)

Hiking property taxes has become a hot topic of conversation in the Capitol, in no small part because of your tax dollars. Taxpayer funded lobbyists spent your tax dollars pushing for the elimination of the property tax levy limit, the creation of new local taxes, and making our property tax assessment system more subjective…

FROM NAHB: Problem Solvers Caucus Seeks Bipartisan Housing Solutions

In a roundtable discussion moderated by 2019 Chairman Greg Ugalde during the NAHB Board of Directors meeting in Las Vegas, Reps. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) and Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) expressed support for working together on a bipartisan basis to advance housing issues…

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