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WBA Awards

Every year, the Wisconsin Builders Association recognizes outstanding individuals within its membership whose ideas, energy, and involvement allow our organization to be recognized as one of the top trade associations in the state.

The WBA has four awards programs, including Builder of the Year, Associate of the Year, Rising Star, and Hall of Fame. Awards are given out annually at the President's Installation Dinner.

Learn more about our most recent award recipients below!

The WBA has four awards programs recognizing outstanding individuals within its membership.

Builder of the Year

The highest honor a builder member can attain. Only one award is given each year. Nominees are judged on their professionalism as well as their level of activity within WBA, NAHB, and their own community.


Pam Jewell

2018 Builder of the Year

2018 - Pam Jewell (GSHBA)
2017 - Doug Scott (SCWBA)
2016 - Brandon Bartow (MCHBA)
2015 - Don Esposito (MABA)

About 2018 Winner, Pam Jewell: 
Pam has been active at both the local and state level for many years.  As a member of the Golden Sands HBA, she has been instrumental in moving the association forward with her tireless energy, thoughtfulness and innovative thinking.  As the 2015 WBA President, she is only the second woman in the state association to have been elevated to this position.  A true advocate for the building industry and its career opportunities through Blenker Construction, Pam has motivated and inspired others to do the same.  

Associate of the Year

The highest honor an associate member can attain. Only one award is given each year. Like the Builder of the Year, nominees are judged on their professionalism and level of activity within WBA, NAHB, and their own community.


Charlie Johansen

2018 WBA Associate of the Year

2018 - Charlie Johansen (NABA)
2017 - Pam Van Dera (MSHBA)
2016 - Sean Kelly (SCWBA & WABA)
2015 - Dawn McIntosh (MABA)

About 2018 Winner, Charlie Johansen:
Charlie has served the residential building community and the Wisconsin Builders Association for many years.  He has served on the WBA Board of Directors, has been a member of the WBA Advocacy Committee and a former member of the WBA Building a Better Wisconsin PAC Committee.  Charlie was first appointed to the State of Wisconsin Electrical Code Committee by then Governor Tommy G Thompson and has served on that committee for over 30 years.  Considered the “go to” person for WBA staff and leadership on technical questions relating to the state electrical code, Charlie is a well-respected electrician and his knowledge and generosity continue to be an asset to both the Wisconsin and Northland Area Builders Association. 

Rising Star

Honors an outstanding member(s) who has/have actively worked toward the betterment of the housing industry by exceeding expectations over the last twelve months and is/are considered to be rising within the association.


Alex Forer

2018 Rising Star

2019 - Alex Forer (WABA)
2018 - Steve Gryboski (BCHBA)
2017 - Jane Gobler (CVHBA) & Mike Howe (MCHBA)
2016 - Sean Kelly (SCWBA & WABA)

About 2019 Winner, Alex Forer:

Hall of Fame

An honor awarded to long-term members (20+ years) who have established a solid reputation for active leadership and participation at the local, state, and national levels.


Dan Schneider & Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

2018 - Dan Schneider (MCHBA) & Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis (CVHBA)
2017 - Craig Rakowski (MBA) & Greg Schaffer (MABA)
2016 - Steve Anderson (MABA) & Doug Scott (SCWBA)
2015 - Jim Kubasta (WHBA) & John Anderson (WHBA)

About 2018 Winners, Dan Schneider & Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis:
Monica has been a member of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association since 1997 and in the past 21 years she has demonstrated strong leadership and dedication at the local, state and national levels. Within her local association, Monica was the Associate of the Year in 2008, served as Secretary on the Executive Board in 2017 and 2018 and chaired the Government Affairs committee from 2006 to 2011.  Monica began as a director of the Wisconsin Builders Association board in 2005 and went on to serve as the WI Associate representative to the National Association of Home Builders, where she recently received her Life Director status. Monica also held numerous other leadership positions with the WBA including the Associate Vice President in 2011.  Monica also received the WBA Associate of the Year Award in 2008 and the WBA Rising Star award in 2007.

Dan has been a member of the MCHBA since 2010 but was a charter member of the Mid-Shores HBA and instrumental is starting that association in 1998. He recently received their 20-year membership certificate.  As an active member of the WBA, Dan served as the WBA President in 2005. He is a member of the Code Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Advocacy Group and the Building a Better Wisconsin PAC Committee. He also served on the Executive Committee from 2002-2006. He continues to be an active Board member as a Life Director.  At the Mid-Shores Home Builders Association, Dan was awarded the Builder Member of the Year award in 1999 and 2014. He served as President in 1999 and 2002 and continued as a Director from 2010-2012. Dan has served on the Board of Directors of the Manitowoc County Home Builders Association from 2011-2015, and again from 2017 until present. He served as Board President in 2014 and is currently the Secretary.

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