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3 Memberships in 1

Additional details about what your 3-in-1 membership means, including costs. Builder and Associate memberships available, some affiliate memberships available varying by local. Frequently asked questions at bottom.

Your Local Membership


21 local associations throughout the state serve as entry points to our 3-in-1 membership structure, providing the benefits of membership at the community level.  While the programs and services provided vary by local, here's a general snapshot.

What You'll Get With Your Membership (varies by local)

  • Eligibility to participate in Parade of Homes, Home Expos, & other professional events (including, for some, additional discounts and incentives)

  • Discounts on continuing education

  • Listing in consumer-facing membership directories and publications

What Opportunities You Have With Your Membership

  • Direct participation in advocacy efforts at the local level

  • Leadership, networking, and lead generation opportunities through local events

  • Increased visibility and credibility under the local brand

Cost Per Year

  • Varies by local, ranging from $37-$525/year (not including state and national dues)

Your State Membership


Being a part of the WBA guarantees you a place on the field--rather than just watching from the sidelines--when it comes to improving the Wisconsin housing industry, saving builders and homeowners tens of thousands each year in improved laws and regulations.

What You'll Get With Your Membership

  • Access to construction/remodeling contracts and other legally-vetted forms worth thousands

  • Complimentary use of Member Hotline - your legal, building code, and construction safety questions answered

  • Insider news and regulatory updates on issues affecting the Wisconsin housing industry

  • Real, return-on-your-dues affinity programs, including a hassle-free rebate program, continuing education discounts, exclusive business insurance services, travel benefits, small business coaching & consulting opportunities, and big savings on one-of-a-kind Wisconsin market study reports (See full affinity partners list)

What Opportunities You Have With Your Membership

  • Direct participation in pro-housing advocacy efforts (See our successes)

  • Business, networking, & leadership opportunities through a variety of professional, educational, and social events (See upcoming WBA events)

  • Increased credibility & visibility for consumers

Cost Per Year

  • $160/year (not including local & national dues)

Your National Membership


NAHB strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs, and strengthen our economy.

A federation of more than 700 state and local associations, NAHB represents more than 140,000 members.  About 1/3 are home builders and remodelers. The rest work in closely related specialties such as sales and marketing, housing finance, and manufacturing and supplying building materials.

What You Get With Your Membership

What Opportunities You'll Have with Your Membership

Cost Per Year

  • $198/year (not including local & state dues)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between builder, associate, and affiliate memberships?

  • Builder members are any individuals that are in the business of shelter construction, remodeling, or land development.

  • Associate members are any individuals that are engaged in any trade, industry, or profession related to shelter construction, remodeling, or land development.

  • Affiliate members are any individuals who are employees of a company represented by a builder or associate member at the same local association. Please note that not all local associations offer affiliate memberships.

Does my company join or do I join?

Memberships in the 3-in-1 system are based on the individual, not the company. Some local associations do offer affiliate memberships if you wish to have company-wide representation.

What local do I join?

Please use our local association map to find the local nearest you. If there is not a local in your area (Crawford, Grant, Lafayette, and Richland counties do not have local representation), members at large memberships with the WBA and NAHB are available--fill out the application at the bottom of the Why Join and select "no local in my area; member at large." Please note that member at large memberships are ONLY available to areas without local representation. Residents of Douglas County join through Minnesota’s Arrowhead Builders Association.

I am a regional and/or statewide company and want to join multiple local associations - what does this look like?

Prospective members interested in joining multiple local associations should reach out to each local they are interested in joining individually.  Please note that at this time each local charges the local, state, and national fees (e.g. as a member of 3 locals, you pay 3 local fees, 3 WBA state fees, and 3 NAHB national fees annually).  Those who have multiple memberships are seen as major supporters of statewide and national efforts with their additional financial commitment to those organizations. 

Your question not answered here? Contact us.

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