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Gov. Resources

The WBA holds quarterly member meetings.  Per our bylaws, we release meeting agendas, minutes, financials, and other materials as a downloadable packet two weeks before our scheduled meeting day.

Current Board of Directors roster, attendance tracking record, Board of Directors handbook, and frequently asked questions.

WBA's advocacy agendas, budget projections, and strategic plans.

Official policies for the WBA, WB Foundation, and related entities (Building Industry Council, BBW-PAC, & BDF Conduit).

WBA and WBF Tax IDs, form 990s (WBA, WBF, Building a Better Wisconsin, BIC, and Build Wisconsin), and WBA and WBF past approved budgets. Online records include forms and budgets for past 3 years. 

Any special handouts, powerpoints, or other materials presented at past meetings, available for download.  If looking for past Meeting Packets, please see "Member Meeting Day Packets" link at top of list.

Senior Officer Job Descriptions