Board of Directors

The Wisconsin Builders Association's Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the association and responsible for the business affairs of the organization. It is comprised of approximately 150 members representing all 21 local associations. The Board of Directors meets quarterly during WBA's Member Meeting Days.


Board of Directors Roster

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A comprehensive guide for WBA Board of Directors members, including expected duties and responsibilities.

Director Attendance Policy

On July 17, 2014, the WBA Board of Directors approved a amendment to Section 12C of the WBA bylaws regarding Director attendance and voting privileges. It reads:

"Any Director who is absent from two or more consecutive board meetings shall lose his or her voting privileges. Following attendance at two consecutive Board of Directors meetings, said Director shall be reinstated to voting status for subsequent meetings."

In other words, if a Director misses 2 meetings in a row, they will not be eligible to vote at the next two consecutive meetings she attends. This policy was put into place to ensure that Directors are active participants in the organization, and are adequately informed before voting on any association matters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Director? Any WBA Director in good standing who has served 10 consecutive years as a Director; subject to recommendation by a local and WBA Board of Director approval. Also, any Past President or Associate Vice-President who remains a member in good standing, beginning at the time their term as an officer expires. (Article VII, Section 12)

How many Director positions are open per local? The number of Director positions open per local is determined as follows (Article VII, Section 5):

  • Two Directors per local for the first 100 builder and associate members or fraction thereof;

  • One Director for each 100 members or fraction thereof for the next 200 builder and associate members;

  • One Director for each 200 members or fraction thereof on all builder and associate members over 300; and

  • There shall be one Director at large for each 25 builder and associate members at large or fraction thereof, with said director(s) to be nominated by the President

  • WBA Life Directors shall not count in the number of board positions allowed under the above stipulations

  • At least 50% of the directors nominated from each local shall be builder members

How many Directors are required to be in attendance at Board of Directors meetings in order to establish quorum? Quorum is defined as (i) 2/3 the total number of Board of Director members that are appointed each year by local associations (life directors NOT included); and (ii) the majority of those directors present must be builder members. (Article VII Section 11e)

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