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As an exclusive member benefit, the WBA provides complimentary access to legal, building code, and safety experts to answer your questions about any building-related issues you're facing. Questions can be submitted via voicemail or through our online submission form below 24/7, 365 days a year. We have also compiled answers to commonly asked legal questions, which you can view here.

So we may serve you better, please provide your name, local association affiliation, and preferred contact information, and please be as specific about your issue as you can.  More information on questions our experts can address available below.


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Legal Questions

Powered by Axley: Complimentary counsel regarding your legal questions pertaining to the building and development industry.  This includes information related to local ordinances, fees, land use, contracts, and liens.  If your questions requires information outside the scope of this service, you will be directed to outside sources.  Once your question has been submitted and processed, an attorney will help you identify the legal implications of your problem and describe potential options for solving the problem.  Please note that the attorney will not provide legal advice, only information and education about your issue, and the service does not create an attorney-client relationship (more details in disclaimer).

Has your question already been answered? Check out some commonly asked legal questions here.

[Disclaimer: Please note that the legal hotline does not provide legal advice; it is a place to obtain legal information and education about an issue.  In order to to remain consistent with our tax-exempt status, the WBA cannot provide you with legal advice, and information obtained through the hotline should not be relied on as such (this service does not extend to drafting a legal document or negotiating a matter for a member).  Analyzing legal rights requires a complete analysis of the law, and the application of the law to a particular set of facts.  The legal hotline system is not designed or intended to fully analyze all relevant facts in any particular circumstance.  Private legal counsel should be consulted if legal advice is needed.  However, by helping members avoid legal problems with information and research, this service has the potential to save members literally thousands of dollars.]

Building Code Questions

Powered by Architecture Plus, LLC: Complimentary answers to your questions regarding Wisconsin building codes and ordinances, courtesy of Leroy Stublaski of Architecture Plus, LLC.  Stublaski is an architectural engineer and registered Wisconsin architect with more than 40 years of building construction knowledge and supervisory experience for all building types.  Additionally, he has 15 years of experience as a uniform dwelling engineer consultant for the state of Wisconsin.

Safety Questions

Powered by Conney Safety & the WB FoundationComplimentary answers to your OSHA questions and other concerns about safety requirements, regulations, and best practices.  After your question is submitted and processed, a Conney Safety represetnative will reach out to you.  Please note that the safety hotline is not equipped to handle emergencies. 

Building Resources: Handy resources for builders in one place--building code & online permit information, quality standards, and more.

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