5 Deal-Closing Sales Tips for Home Builders


Successful sales strategies to help you seal the deal and grow your business.

Use these sales strategies for home builders next time you meet with a prospective buyer.

Home building in Wisconsin is highly competitive, so it’s essential to have all the right tools in your mental toolbox for sealing the deal on a family’s dream home. The following sales strategies for home builders can help guide you through the process:

     1. Put yourself in the customer's shoes
Be an active listener
Build a trusting relationship
     4. Leverage your WBA membership
     5. Ask for the sale

Keep reading for tips on what to say, how to act, and other best methods closing a home building deal.

1. Put yourself in the client’s shoes

Before you head out to meet a prospective homebuyer, take a moment to imagine you are in their position. If you were hiring a home builder, what would you want to know? How would you want to be treated? What barriers might be holding you back from taking the plunge? Anticipating a new client’s concerns and adopting their mindset can help you confidently present yourself and your capabilities so you can take one step closer to landing the contract.

2. Be an active listener

Buyers want to choose a home builder who they feel truly listens and understands their concerns. If you’ve found yourself trying to process the words a prospective client is saying while also thinking ahead and crafting your response, consider a more active listening sales strategy that maintains your full attention. Whether your prospective clients share the reason they require ADA accommodations or they have their own ideas to save energy, show you understand with cues, such as nodding your head, offering verbal confirmation, and summarizing their main points. Not only will active listening help you develop a proposal that perfectly suits your clients’ needs, it will go a long way toward setting you apart from your competitors.

Learn more about the benefits and practice of active listening here.

3. Demonstrate your expertise

Prospective buyers are looking for an expert who can seamlessly guide them through all the decisions that will lead them to their brand-new dream home. From home site selection and floor plans to zoning restrictions and community amenities, prove you are up for the challenge by sharing your vast knowledge and expertise with potential homebuyers. This sales tip for home builders can help you shine by offering useful knowledge to educate and impress your clients just enough to tip the scale in your direction.

4. Leverage your WBA membership

Most home buyers spend a lot of time researching to find their perfect home builder. Give yourself an advantage by leveraging your membership with the Wisconsin Builders Association for credibility. Our longstanding reputation in the Wisconsin building industry elicits trust and recognition, giving your prospective buyers peace of mind.

Learn more about how the WBA empowers homeowners and share these resources with your prospective buyers.

5. Ask for the sale

“Refuse to let the fear of rejection hold you back. “  – Brian Tracy

As top sales training professionals remind us, the answer is always “no” until you ask.  The final step to sealing a home building deal is simple: ask for it. What do you have to lose? While this sales strategy for home builders may sound easier said than done, sales experts maintain that it’s easy to avoid the dreaded “no” by framing questions to potential homebuyers in terms that require more than a yes or no response. For example, asking, “would you like to meet to review the contract on Monday or Tuesday?” can give your buyers control while also steering them toward your final goal – a signed deal.

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Arm yourself with these sales tips for home builders next time you meet with a prospective buyer. By using these strategies — and continuing to practice them — you can seal the deal with more clients and experience the growth your company seeks.  

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