6 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Builders


Don’t sweat the summer heat with these safety tips.

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The summer months are typically the busiest in the construction trades. With longer days out in the hot sun, construction teams are also susceptible to heat-related safety concerns. Protect your crew with these hot weather safety tips for builders:

  • Stay hydrated

  • Take cooling breaks

  • Pack a hot weather-friendly lunch

  • Use sunscreen

  • Wear sun-protective gear

  • Watch for heat exhaustion

 Find out more about each of these safety tips for builders below.

Stay hydrated
One of the most obvious summer safety tips for builders is to drink water frequently – to the point that you never begin to feel thirsty. Non-caffeinated beverages with electrolytes can also help you and your crew replenish essential salts that regulate your body’s water intake and help it function.

Take cooling breaks
Even while working vigorously toward a deadline, it’s vital to make an effort to keep cool on the job. Taking short breaks in the shade and avoiding intense labor during the highest intensity periods of the sun (between 12-3PM) can help. You can also stock cooling towels or ice water buckets with rags nearby to aid with quick cool-down.

Pack a hot weather-friendly lunch
Another summer safety tip for builders is to be sure to pack a lunch that’s appropriate for working outside in the heat. Food high in fat and preservatives will make it harder on your body to digest when it’s hot. Consider eating a big breakfast before heading out on the job, and bring healthy snacks and a nutritious light lunch that includes fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and lean protein to fuel your energy and keep you cool.

Use sunscreen
Sunscreen is the skin’s first line of defense against the dangerous impact of the sun’s rays. Go for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection from both UVB and UVA radiation, with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). A water-resistant formula may also be wise for construction crews who are outside in the sun most of their workday. Lastly, don’t forget to reapply at least every two hours, or even more frequently when sweating.

Wear sun-protective gear
Wear light clothing, a wide-brimmed hard hat, and safety glasses that offer UVB and UVA protection when out in the sun. Some clothing offers UPF protection of 50 or higher. Be sure to also practice construction safety measures like using a harness when working at elevated heights – this precaution will help protect you from falling if you get dizzy or experience signs of a heat-related illness.

Watch for heat exhaustion
Be alert for signs of heat exhaustion in yourself and your coworkers. Early symptoms can include lethargy, disorientation, stumbling, slurred speech, and dropping tools. If someone appears to be exhibiting signs of heat-related illness, call your supervisor and 911 immediately.

These summer weather safety tips for builders can help you stay cool and safe at your job site during the hottest months of the year. Check out the Ways to Reduce Injuries on the Job post and find more helpful tips for the construction trades on our blog.

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