Builders are nowhere without their blueprints, and an association can go nowhere without a plan. Below are the association's legislative agendas, strategic plans, and budget projections.


AdvocacY AgendaS 

2017-2018 Agenda

Department of Safety and Professional Services

  • Work with the Legislative Reference Bureau on a “reviser bill” to clean up minor errors in the Right to Cure section of the statutes
  • Find a way to assure municipalities are not able to use “police powers” to regulate things like shoreland zoning and one and two family building codes 
  • Transfer the current duties of the Building Inspector Review Board and the Contractor Certification Council to the Uniform Dwelling Code Council
  • Support a request in the state budget by DSPS to fund a “Wisconsin RESCheck” which would free us from updating the energy code to stay compliant with future energy code changes
  •  Move to a six-year code cycle for the update of the electrical code as it relates to one and two family dwellings 

Department of Workforce Development Issues

  • Work with DWD and the governor’s office on a plan provide additional training to those going into the trades

Development Issues

  • Changes to TRANS 233 to allow flexibility for minor projects in highway right of ways (landscaping, signs, parking lots) that the current rule does not allow
  • Have park fees mirror state statutes relating to impact fees
  • If a package of condominium law changes is proposed by another group look for ways to make law changes dealing with condominium owners’ associations
  • Explore changes to the taxation of “undeveloped lots” similar to what was contained in Senate Substitute Amendment 2 to 2015 Senate Bill 464 but exempting the provision from when the community is acting as the “developer” (Port Washington example) and sunset the provision in 5 years
  • Work with the DNR on new standards regulating common plan of development that incorporates language provided in consolation with NAHB
  • Assure that municipalities are not able to require homes be constructed with new or higher code standards for one and two family homes via a developer’s agreement
  • Research changes to 2013 Wisconsin Act 280 on developer financed infrastructure to clarify the original intent of the law

Tort Reform Issues

  • As a member of the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, continue to support legislative and state budget initiatives “promoting fairness and equity in Wisconsin’s Civil Justice System”
  • Make the statute of limitations 3 years for new construction and remodeling projects

Tax/Business Issues

  • Maintain current law regarding Use Value Assessment of agricultural land

Remodeling Issues

  • Change WHEDA requirements for remodeling loans to match those of new construction (raise the income limits of remodeling loans to make the product more attractive to consumers)

2015-2016 Agenda

Strategic Plans

Recently, the WBA Board of Directors endorsed a new focus and vision for our association when they approved the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan.  The plan presented was the product of a two-day planning session that took place in April 2016, comprised of ten members and staff from across the state.

In addition to the two-day planning session, a comprehensive “voice of the customer” survey was sent to all WBA members to get their feedback in order to help construct a three-year plan for WBA. The most encouraging fact that came out of the member survey was that 95% of those who responded were happy with the work that the WBA was doing. The first goals of the plan were to work on several 90 day priorities that included:

The WBA Executive Committee will be monitoring the progress of completing tasks laid out in the strategic plan, and will report those back to the WBA Board of Directors.

Full Plan PDF Download  

Budget Projections

In compliance with the WBA 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, key leaders and staff have created a draft, three-year budget forecast. The development of this forecaset addressed the financial requirements of the key focus areas as outlined in the strategic plan. 

Three-Year Budget Forecast

Meeting Day Packets: Agendas, minutes, financials, & more for quarterly meetings.

Board of Directors: Information on WBA Board of Directors, including handbook.